December 1, 2023

Investment Banking

Let Your Investment Banking Do The Walking

Energy Domain, Palace Road Partners to provide investment banking-level services for oil, gas industry

(WO) – Energy Domain of Fort Worth, Texas — a tech-enabled online marketplace that integrates data, analytics, and alerts to improve the way oil and gas properties are bought, sold, and leased — has engaged Palace Road Partners, LLC of Dallas, Texas, to serve as an outsourced valuation team for shared clients, providing investment banking-level service with improved efficiency at greatly reduced costs for deals valued between $5MM–$100MM+.

Founded in 2021 by Ryan Vinson and the 5Ms Technologies team that created MineralWare and Energy Freelance (now EnergyHire), Energy Domain has already achieved significant traction. The company has facilitated more than 150 transactions since launching and is on track for a second consecutive year of triple-digit growth.

“High value deals benefit from investment bank-grade underwriting, marketing, and advisory services, but keeping investment bankers on retainer is not cost effective for many of our clients. Instead, many depend on the legacy advisory firms that charge a significant upfront retainer fee, which can also be cost-prohibitive. We believed there had to be a better way,” said Energy Domain CEO Ben Heinzelmann.

Looking at the costly advisory space, Heinzelmann saw an opening to do something different, and better. Just a few miles down the road in Dallas, new private capital advisory firm Palace Road Partners (PRP) saw the same opening and presented Energy Domain with an opportunity to provide cost and efficiency benefits to shared high value clients.

As PRP Co-Founder Blake Van Patten explained, “Energy Domain has successfully bypassed the traditional oil and gas markets, getting deals up on their site quickly and efficiently. At PRP, we share a similar mindset, as we’ve found innovative ways to navigate around the inefficiencies in the private capital advisory space.”

Said Van Patten, “One of the things we’re most excited about is working with the team at Energy Domain. They have the same level of enthusiasm we do, and it’s been rewarding to move upstream into these larger markets with them.”

“In some industries, the bigger the company, the more trust you have. That’s not always the case in oil and gas. Oil and gas professionals value relationships above all else, and that’s how Blake and Payton do business. They want to be the team you have on call, and they’re in this for the long haul,” Heinzelmann added.