November 30, 2023

Investment Banking

Let Your Investment Banking Do The Walking

From quiet quitting to loud layoffs, will 2022 career trends continue?

From quiet quitting to loud layoffs: Here are the career trends that generated buzz in 2022

Chandra Sahu, 25, left a job in investment banking during the so-called Great Resignation last year, eager to find work that offered more flexibility. The New York City resident said she looked for work that fulfilled her “top priorities,” allowing her to demonstrate her “agency and creativity,” and landed at a startup.

“I wanted to work in a space where I was working closely with a team, where it still had kind of that rapid energy that you have in banking, but super-focused on a user and a problem space,” Sahu said. 

Being able to pursue her interests outside of work was also important to Sahu. “I’ve really tried to prioritize making space for habits in my life, and ultimately lead to the kind of life I want to live,” she said.

Employers may go through ‘culture shift’

Employees are seeking stability

Workers continue to demand flexibility

Chandra Sahu’s job gives her the flexibility to work remotely. Without a commute she has more time to pursue other interests.

The data is so strong that people want a bit more flexibility.

Tina Paterson

consultant and author

“Individuals certainly are trying to exercise their right to find employment anywhere that meets their needs: their family needs, their work needs, their location needs — all of that,” said Christie Smith, global lead of Accenture’s Talent & Organization Practice.

Buzzwords highlight workplace dilemmas

Remote work is here to stay

“Great employees always have options — and the data is so strong that people want a bit more flexibility, whether that’s hybrid or fully remote, in terms of where they work,” she added.

Sahu echoes the sentiments of many other younger workers, saying senior managers can show they understand and value their employees’ needs through their own actions.

“Making space for your kids or your hobbies, or your life that is protected, tells other folks that that is a regular habit that a successful leader can have,” she said.