December 1, 2023

Investment Banking

Let Your Investment Banking Do The Walking

Investment Banking | FORVIS

Strategic Planning & Consulting

Our trusted advisors can help you develop a strategic action plan to create shareholder value and help you determine and execute an exit or growth investment that meets your objectives. Using our three-phase approach, we can help assess unique financial and strategic opportunities.

Phase I – Company-Specific Valuation Dynamics

  • Evaluate a company’s historical and projected financial performance, including key operating metrics trends and the effects of those trends on revenue and expenses
  • Evaluate potential “recast” adjustments
  • Help project financial performance based on key operating metrics and growth strategies

Phase II – Market Dynamics

  • Research relevant M&A activity and public company valuations to identify industry-specific value drivers and valuation approaches
  • Help analyze various categories of potential buyers or investors and their ability to accelerate the company’s growth and earnings

Phase III – Strategic Option

  • Help estimate a market value range that might be obtained in a managed process, whether exploring a sale or recapitalization transaction
  • Complete an after-tax proceeds analysis with our tax advisors
  • Assess the pros and cons of your liquidity and succession options

In connection with our services, we assist shareholders in understanding the value of their business. We also work with other consulting, tax, and investment professionals from FORVIS to develop intergenerational transition plans.

Investment Banking Services

If you decide to sell your company or explore a majority recapitalization transaction, an experienced investment banker can provide critical assistance as we help guide you through complex financial and strategic sales issues, from initial engagement to final close. We strive to be a single-service provider who can offer insight on the finer points of your situation and help execute your strategy.

  • Evaluate shareholder objectives and perform in-depth analysis of the company and its prospects, industry dynamics, and capital markets conditions
  • Identify and qualify prospective strategic and private equity buyers
  • Create marketing materials highlighting key investment considerations, company attributes, and shareholder objectives
  • Craft a disciplined transaction process that will augment results by communicating transaction objectives, creating buyer competition, and maintaining strict timing milestones
  • Negotiate a transaction and coordinate with other deal professionals to help deliver an efficient transaction close

In addition to sell-side investment banking, our team can assist you in executing a strategic merger or acquisition growth strategy to drive shareholder value.

Recapitalizations & Capital Sourcing

Growing a business often requires additional capital resources to fund expansion initiatives, provide shareholder liquidity, finance an acquisition, or to simply recapitalize the balance sheet. We craft individualized plans and structures for our clients, helping identify a capital provider tailored for each situation.

We can help chart a course for your business that aligns with your goals.

  • Provide keen market insight and thoughtful advice in developing a strategic capital plan
  • Identify market opportunities across a variety of capital markets
  • Approach potential financial partners that share your culture and values
  • Orchestrate a transaction process designed to help mitigate the cost of capital while augmenting financial flexibility
  • Design creative, market-driven investment structures
  • Negotiate a transaction and coordinate with other deal professionals to help deliver an efficient transaction close